Mission Statement 

Providing the same quality sukkah at an affordable price!


Over the past few years a couple of large companies have monopolized the sukkah industry and buying a sukkah has become a very expensive endeavor. Especially for those families that make up the religious foundation of our communities; Kollel Yungeleit, Melamdim(dos), and those with large Mishpachas, buying a sukkah has become nearly impossible.

Buying a Sukkah is not a luxury it is a necessity to enjoy simchas hachag.

A group of concerned community members have come together to solve this problem. Utilizing multiple inroads and connections in the importing world both domestically and overseas, Leishev BaSukkah has now made it possible to buy a sukkah at
40% cheaper than the previous market rate! No longer will families need to compromise to buy a sukkah.

At Leishev BaSukkah we are committed to providing access to the EXACT same quality sukkah as the major distributors at factory direct prices. Our sukkahs are made in the same locations overseas with the highest kashrus and quality standards.

Leishev BaSukkah representatives are standing by and ready to assist you in your sukkah and schach needs. Don’t see the size you want? We can customize most sets to meet almost every size. Call us and we will be happy to help.